Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring Encaustic Workshop at Lone Star College, CyFair campus

These paintings were made by Hayes Parker in one of my 2-day summer studio workshops.
Here is the information you need to register for the Spring Encaustic Workshop at Lone Star College, CyFair.
You will have to register on campus in the CE Department, MOD 1 building.
Encaustic Painting - ARTS C - 3800059   5011-2011 Spring

The class meets in the Arts building Rm 115.
Class begins on Sat. Feb 5 and runs for six consecutive Saturdays.
Class time: 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Paint, medium,  small wooden panel substrates, some oil bars and oil paint, some paper for collage,  and all equipment are supplied by school.
Students should supply their own drawings, photocopies, objects for embedding, extra collage material compatible with wax, shop towels, and oil bars of your choice of colors.

By Linda Walker in Fall workshop at CyFair.

There are some excellent books on the market today about painting with encaustics. Most can be found on Amazon. Although I have my books available during workshop, it is very beneficial for you to have your own.
By Celine in the Fall workshop at CyFair

This workshop covers the following:
Brief history of wax/encaustic as a medium for art making
Safety precaustions with equipment, tools, and studio ventilation
Types of substrates appropriate for use with wax
Several ways of priming substrates

At end of workshop, participant should have at least 12 paintings that demonstrate a working knowledge of the following techniques:
transparent and opaque uses of encaustic paint, collage with wax, image transfer, embedding objects, pouring techniques, smooth and rough textures, stencils and masks, and dipping methods.

See images below in earlier posts of students work from both the workshop at school and at my studio.

The studio where we hold classes at CyFair. This class was several semesters ago and we are showing Joanne Mattera's book on encaustic most of us refer to as "the encaustic bible."